Built to meet your current and future needs

Designed for flexibility and modularity from the ground up:

  1. Take Balcony's core platform
  2. Tailor an implementation that aligns with your organizations' current requirements
  3. Keep updating as your ongoing and ad-hoc needs develop

Tailored mobile presence

Deliver the ideal experience to your diverse and dynamic ecosystem

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Whether day-to-day, in advance of events, or ad hoc / temporary; selectively empower all stakeholders as needs develop – responders, employees, contractors, volunteers, on-site visitors, and your community, etc.

  • Publicly listed or private secured accounts

  • White-labeled native apps

  • SDK for 3rd-party integration

  • No-download web app Coming Soon

Bridge the gap to email and SMS
Easily exchange Balcony messages and alerts with other mediums used by your team and organization.
Share public or private external feeds
Provide controlled access to an live feed of reports, presented relative to their time-of-occurrence and location.
Deliver management updates
Keep key stakeholders and decision-makers informed with SMS and email summaries + detailed reports.
Your people on location are probably not alone
When needed, allow alerts and insight to securely flow between organizations and mutually affected people on the ground

Gain clarity and control with Balcony

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