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Someone there knows what's going on

Don't wait. Ask.

Balcony connects you with people at the scene for answers in real time.  Now you can make educated decisions and be one step ahead. 
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Stay Ahead of Social Networks

Instantly reach users on-location for exclusive eyewitness accounts that only people on-scene can provide.

Balcony transforms your mobile user-base into a powerful source of location-based information.

Generate Awareness on Demand

Organizations use Balcony to build real-time Situational-Awareness when knowing what’s happening on the ground matters most. 

Own the story and the sources 

Balcony for News empowers newsrooms to engage their users for real-time information, and rapidly generate credible and exclusive stories and insights.

Deliver real-time ‘Nowcasting’ 

Balcony for Weather connects with users on the ground in affected areas, gathers up-to-date information, and alerts others of hazards in their location.

Communicate with people onsite

Balcony for Public Sector enables decision makers and first responders to talk to their communities, rapidly gather data, better prepare, and take the most appropriate action.

Feel the pulse

Balcony enables cities to communicate hyper-locally, poll and engage citizens, empowering knowledge-based decision-making & community involvement.

How It Works

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Define the location of interest

Powerful tools to plan and execute
where, when and whom to reach

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Ask your question

Balcony routes the query to users
present at (or entering) the location

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Display and manage responses

 Immediately access incoming  
text, photo or video content

How Is Balcony Different?

'We can't afford to be passive and wait for others to tweet or share the information we need'
The Balcony platform actively generates new-data on demand so you can: Ask, Survey, Validate, Poll, Engage, Alert, Seek additional opinions, Follow up on a Tweet, Verify suspect fake news, ... It's your call

Integrating Into Your Workflow

We know you're busy. You don't need to check another window
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Quick SDK Integration

Easily add Geo-Communication capability to your apps (iOS & Android)

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Automatic Query Triggering

Enables immediate follow-up
on developing events

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Slack Integration

Routes critical incoming content
directly to the palm of your hand 

Seamless User Experience

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Smart Engagement Filtering

Manage frequency and context of messages to match audience needs & interests 

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Privacy by Design

Balcony doesn't require contact information. All users & responses are anonymous by default

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Low Energy Consumption

The Balcony SDK is designed to have a minimal impact on battery life