Operations and emergency event management for a changing world

Designed for modern and proactive organizations addressing the dynamic and the unpredictable.

Easily orchestrate your operations and response with one modular geo-collaboration platform.

Duty of Care
Emergency Response
Bi-directional Mass Comms
Field Ops Management
Safety & Security
Health Campaign Management
Crowd Control
Campus Operations
Supply Chain Optimization
Front-line Workforce Productivity
Travel Safety
Conflict-Zone Support & Evacuation
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Incredible organizations
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Manage globally and shoulder-to-shoulder at the same time

No matter how far away, allow your decision-makers and managers to see the story on the map as it develops, and facilitate the flow of time-sensitive and spatially-relevant information across your organization and beyond.

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Empower your decision-makers
When an event develops, instantly access and generate mission-critical information + distribute it to those who need it, when they need it most.
More accurate
Selective location-based messaging ensures a precise engagement "just in time," every time. Your people are always in the know – never spammed.
Easiest to use
No need to be an expert. Simply point at the map and start communicating bi-directionally. Exchange geo-messages, videos, live-streams, audio, and guidance as easily as you would in any other messaging service.
As flexible as you make it
Increase your daily productivity across departments, use-cases, and user groups. Instantly escalate to respond to a developing emergency.

See, hear and respond to
what your people in the field
are experiencing right now

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For all organizations with a physical presence
Increase operational productivity and keep your people safe + updated, whether on campus, traveling, operating in the field, or working remotely.
Instantly deploy, empower your decision makers to monitor, instruct, and react faster to emerging situations. 
Smart City
Better control and manage your operations + resolve urgent issues on the ground, both locally and in large scale events.
Public Health
Empower your administrative teams and engage your community when time-sensitive information can make the difference.
Manage and control your operations from start to finish, execute campaigns in the most remote parts of the globe, and better collaborate across organizations for a force multiplier impact.
Engage students, staff, and visitors + connect your entire campus with a geo-collaborative approach to daily operations and emergency situations.
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A geo-aware mobile experience like no other

You're the person on the ground?
Get just-in-time situational awareness
in the palm of your hand, where and when it matters most.

Standby alerts and information triggered by location
Receive spatially-sensitive messages based on where you are now and asynchronously as you enter an affected location.
Live video streaming + AR guidance
Share what you see via secure live video stream. Easily see where management wants you to go with floating, location-based AR pointers and map annotations.
Live map updates with focus points
Stay informed in real-time, as events unfold, with an embedded mapping experience within messaging threads.
Location-based  structured polls and reports
Easily answer location-sensitive polls to help management instantly understand the situation and react better.
Location-based chat rooms
Collaborate with those around you to get more done, faster. After all, 1+1+1=5.
Empower your  people on-site
Balcony uses privacy-by-design, from the bottom up, to ensure everybody, including your strict union, endorses geo-collaboration:
  • Zero tracking
  • No personal info required
  • Users opt-in from A to Z
< 60 seconds to onboard
Users simply scan a QR code and they're in. Onboard your entire workforce within a minute. Populate large crowds fast and enable ad-hoc onboarding with walk-in-login.
Role-based filtering
Whether it’s the responders, the experts, or people with special needs, use geo-channels and tagging to connect with only the right people across locations.
Asynchronous geo-messaging
Pin or request relevant information from specific locations, based on customized geo-fences. Users are notified as they enter the vicinity so they engage just-in-time.

Gain clarity and control with Balcony

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