How is Balcony different from other communication solutions?

No. Balcony adds an important tool to your kit for when you need to get critical messages to your people at a specific location and moment, or when remotely tapping on someone’s shoulder and asking for help is the only way to understand the reality on the ground.

Does Balcony integrate into my existing tools?

Yes. When every second counts, the last thing you need is an extra step. We built Balcony to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, including your collaboration tools like Workplace, GIS tools like ArcGIS, and your CMS platforms to instantly share situational awareness.

You’re a location-based solution. What about privacy?

Important question. We built Balcony with a Privacy by Design approach. We communicate solely using your location, so it doesn't require any personal information. Your personnel do not have to log into the app or provide their email, phone number, social media account, or any other form of personal identifiable information. Your location is all you need to be part of the network. As an opt-in solution by definition, you are able to opt out at any time.  

I already have a mobile app. Can Balcony integrate into it?

Yes. Balcony’s mobile functionality is also available as an SDK for Android and iOS. You can easily add our geo-communication functionality to your app. It’s simple and straightforward for your mobile development team to integrate, with the UX already embedded as part of the SDK.

Does this mean I’m now tracking my personnel?

No. Balcony is not a tracking solution. It’s a geo-communication solution. We use an individual's ‘last known location’ only to route relevant communications. The history of their whereabouts is not saved and cannot be displayed.

OK. So do we need a complex integration process before we can start?

Not at all. Balcony is hosted on the cloud, and your managers can have access to the dashboard within minutes. Once you send the link to your mobile users, they simply download the app and enable location sharing. You can be up and running immediately.

Does Balcony replace the solutions I already have?  

Most solutions enable you to communicate with people regardless of their location (chat, collaboration, email, etc). Balcony enables you to communicate with people precisely because of their location.

We have a call center and follow the right social media channels. If something happens, we’ll know. Why do I need Balcony?

Let's put it this way. It’s like the difference between your ears, eyes, and voice. Social media discovery tools, like your ears, will pick up when someone decides to share information. Same goes for a call center. These are reactive solutions. You do not control what will or will not be shared.

Balcony, like your eyes and your voice, can be proactive. Hear something? Go towards the scene and open your eyes to amplify the flow of information to understand what’s really going on. Use your voice to alert those who need to know, or, if the situation is unclear, ask for more info to gain more insight.

Your ears, eyes, and voice are not interchangeable. Rather, they work together to help you better navigate the world, just like Balcony and your current tools.